What do You need to Know About a Curved Monitor and Your Eyes?

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In the not-too-distant future, curved monitors will be commonplace. These devices are already available for purchase by some businesses; however, if your office is yet to procure one then you may still benefit from understanding what these devices can offer.

These days we’re continually bombarded with messages suggesting that our attention span is waning and that it’s important to break up tasks into bite-sized portions – which often leads to multitasking! But, according to recent research, this is a practice that could actually be detrimental to productivity as well as the quality of life.

It’s time to put an end to the misconception that multi-tasking is beneficial. By limiting ourselves to only one task at a time and completing each piece of work thoroughly before moving on to another, we can achieve more in less time while also ensuring greater efficiency and effectiveness within our business venture or professional life

What is a curved monitor?

If you’ve been enticed by the prospect of a curved monitor, then there are a few distinct items to consider when making your choice. Here are some examples:

Unbreakable – This is the primary reason why manufacturers offer curved monitors. In fact, they’re constructed with unbreakable glass that’s sufficient to withstand even high-speed impact. With no concerns over cracks or breakage!

Don’t rush to buy the curved version of your monitor

If you’re considering a curved display, don’t be rushed into purchasing it. There can be all sorts of benefits to having a flat monitor as well as a curved one; so if image quality or design are your priorities then that should dictate which one would suit you better.

Whether you’re an individual who prefers a larger screen for work or play – or simply prefer the extra space whilst watching movies on Netflix – this decision can come down to preference!

Curved monitors tend to offer fewer viewing angles than traditional flat screens; however flat monitors can have issues with color accuracy and other anomalies. So while both types provide optimal viewing experiences, they aren’t exactly equal in functionality when compared side-by-side – especially when it comes to image quality.

You may find that getting situated at a desk may prove to be an issue when using a curved monitor. To prevent such an occurrence, consider investing in a stand that allows users to position their display vertically when necessary.

What you need to know about a curved monitor’s display

While the curvature of a monitor adds an exciting new dimension to your viewing experience, it also has an equally important effect on how your images will appear: they’ll appear to be sized more generously than their counterparts on a flat display.

The increased breadth of a curved monitor’s screen can make it seem like images are being displayed in a larger area than usual – one that is seemingly unaffected by your field of vision.

For this reason, you may notice that when people look at a straight monitor compared with one with curvature at its sides, the latter seems more spacious and inviting than the former.

You’re not likely to lose out on any important information when viewing text or graphics, but the change in perception might cause some confusion for those who haven’t yet had the chance to try out a curved monitor.

Which type of curvature is better?

Are you seeking out a curved monitor? Then don’t be daunted by the decision; it’s nearly as simple as which kind of curve appeals most to you! You have three options: standard, immersive, and true-image.

Standard monitors are flat, offering no immersion in your work. They’re optimal for those who want to keep their eyes elsewhere while working or gazing into the distance without distraction.

Immersive monitors provide users with a more substantial, immersive experience than standard monitors–offering a subtle sense of look-at-me when viewing content. This type of curvature is ideal for professionals with limited space available on their desks, such as graphic designers who need access to multiple screens at once.

On the other hand, true-image curvature affords users the utmost immersion by bridging the gap between standard displays and fully curved ones; this type of monitor provides an unparalleled level of eye comfort making them ideal for prolonged periods of use!

Does the curvature bother your eyes?

If your eyes are accustomed to seeing a flat or straight monitor, the curvature may cause some apprehension. However, there is no evidence that it will be detrimental to long-term use.

Despite popular belief, experts have established that most people rarely experience any kind of discomfort from viewing monitors with a slight curvature. OK…..

An immediate consequence is that you won’t experience the characteristic curve of your monitor on an office desk. Rather, when you prop your monitor up against a wall or hook it up to an articulating arm – like in a media cabinet – the curvature will be lost completely!

So let’s say you’re sitting at your desk in front of a curved monitor. But then you have to get up and move around, likely necessitating some repositioning along with a quick glance over to check out what’s on the other side of the room. All this can lead to strained eyesight as well as fatigue from prolonged use. This can ultimately prove detrimental to productivity, so it’s essential to take precautions when using one!

so what should you do next?

If you’re satisfied with your current monitor screen size, then don’t fret about the curve. However, if you’d like to upgrade or change something up in your space – such as an extra large cinema display – then consider a curved monitor!

If you are considering changing your monitor size and intend on buying a curved TV, be sure to take into consideration what kind of content will be displayed on-screen. For example, games that require rapid eye movements during gameplay may prove problematic when compared to movies and other media which require less attention from users; whereas those who prefer their entertainment sitting back in comfort should find no issue whatsoever!


Are you aware of any noteworthy facts about curved monitors? If so, do share them with us!

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