Is Your TV Possessed? Find Out Why It Changes Channels By Itself!

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Why does your television change channels by itself? It can be unsettling to observe, but it may be indicative of something more sinister lurking in your living room!

Have you ever observed a television change channels without any explanation? If so, don’t fret – it might be due to an ominous presence lurking nearby!

This disturbance could be the manifestation of an evil spirit, such as “Poltergeists” or even “Mar-a-Lago Ghosts”; however, there is an altogether different explanation that has nothing to do with supernatural occurrences.

What Is a TV possessed by evil spirits?

If your TV seems to be possessed by demons and performing acts of self-immolation, then this could be a symptom of an infestation by malicious spirits. This is perhaps the most alarming manifestation of such an occurrence – one that can cause you considerable distress if not comprehended appropriately.

While someone’s TV may exhibit signs of being possessed by evil spirits, it does not necessarily indicate that they are themselves under any sort of supernatural influence. Yet these apparitions can become a source of intense anxiety for those who witness their uncanny behavior!

So what happens when your TV starts changing channels by itself?

If your TV is exhibiting erratic behavior such as switching channels by itself or exhibiting other peculiarities, it’s probably time to seek professional guidance. The display could be suffering from a multitude of problems ranging from physical faults – like burn-in – to software issues; however, no matter what the underlying cause may be it’s imperative that we take any necessary steps in order to rectify the situation swiftly!

If your set-top boxes are suddenly acting up, you can use an app like Channel Master Switch Control to fix them. If your remotes are going missing or getting lodged under furniture – just swap them out instead of replacing them!

What if you don’t want your TV to change channels by itself?

If you prefer to remain in control of the remote, don’t fret. You can deactivate the Auto Channel Change function which allows your television to navigate its way through channels on its own accord.

To take advantage of this option, simply access the main menu within your set-top box remote and select ‘Program Guide’ followed by ‘Auto Program’. Indicate whether you’d prefer for it to be activated or deactivated – then sit back as your device takes care of its business!

You can always ask to have the channel changed back

Sometimes, the remote control will inexplicably switch over to another channel. This can be quite inconvenient! However, if this happens while you are in the midst of watching a show, there’s no need to fret – just call it out so that your beloved channel can be restored back immediately.

To accomplish this, simply press the menu button on your remote and select ‘return’. Now, sit back and enjoy your favorite program without any further pratfalls from unwanted switches!


So why does my TV change channels by itself? The answer, quite simply, is that it’s not you!

Possessing a television with remote control capabilities doesn’t necessarily mean that your device will automatically select programs like the one currently being viewed. Rather, they are triggered by external factors such as audience demand or even choices made at home – although this last option may seem counterintuitive; after all – if we’re unwinding in front of our chosen program then why should we be forced to switch over?

This is where things can get problematic: many television owners acquire different remotes throughout their lifetime, resulting in similarly named buttons configured into each set. This can lead to confusion if users forget which button corresponds to what they desire and necessitate an extra step upon retrieval of said remote control in order for them to resume from whence they left off – sometimes resulting in prolonged periods spent trying to locate the correct channel numbers!

should you panic and call in the exorcists?

If you believe that your television has become possessed, there are several options at hand:

The most straightforward solution is to contact an expert. If a priest or minister is unavailable, consider seeking assistance from an experienced television repairman. In order to diagnose any issues and ascertain whether there’s anything amiss with the set; they may even need to gain access by removing panels – which could possibly be quite an arduous task!


If you’ve experienced this phenomenon, then it must be a reflection of your life! After all, it is only logical that your television should alter its program selection in accordance with what is occurring around it – after all, it is simply responding to its environment.