How To Take Screenshots On Laptop?

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You need to take screenshots on laptop to capture your class word or throughout a regular workday, but if you don’t know, how to take screenshots on the laptop, then don’t worry you are in right place to learn about it. It does not matter if it’s a Windows laptop/ PC or a Mac, you can capture stills of pretty much anything you want to capture on the screen and can easily save these screenshots as JPG or PNG files for later use.

However, the methods or the steps for taking screenshots on PCs are different and vary according to the software that you used.

Windows as well as macOS laptops both come with their own different set of ways or has their commands to capture a screenshot, and if you’re not well trained with them then it can be a little challenging for you.

But don’t worry, here are all the steps in the following for you to take a screenshot on Windows 11/ Windows 10/ Windows 7 laptops or PCs and macintosh. All these steps are simple and easy through them you can be able to know, how to take screenshots on a laptop.

How to take screenshots on Windows 10/ 11 laptops/ PCs?

You can take a screenshot on Windows 10/ 11-powered laptops/ PCs powered in different ways. However, the steps that you can use to take a screenshot on Windows 7 laptops are the same. So, let’s have a look:

1. Take a screenshot on Windows 7/ 10/ 11 laptop/ PC using the app

There is a dedicated application found in both Windows 10 and Windows 7 to take any screenshot, this application is called ‘Snipping Tool”. This spinning tool grabs a screenshot that you want to take and saves this as an image file without any process of pasting it to another program. Here is how to do this:

  • first of all, you have to go to the Start Menu and then search Snipping Tool.
  • This application will open and will show some options like ‘New’, ‘Mode’, ‘, ‘Cancel’,  ‘Delay’, and ‘Options’.
  • If you select the New button, this button will allow you to take a screenshot on a laptop in whichever form you prefer to choose (freeform, without any preset shape).
  • On the other side, the option of the ‘Mode’ button, will allow you to select the type of screenshot shape you will – you can select anything that you want from full screen to rectangular to a free-form shape.
  • And if you select the ‘Cancel’ button then it will put the process off, while on the other hand, the ‘Delay’ option will let you set a timer for taking a screenshot on your laptop.

2. Print screen in Windows using this key

Apart from the application, a Windows laptop allows you to hold on or grab a still on what’s on the screen using the option or the key of ‘PrtScn’. By using this option, you can simply print screens on both Windows 10 as well as Windows 7-powered laptops.

  • You need to find the PrtScn key mostly in the top-right corner of your keyboard.
  • You have to Press this key if you want to take a screenshot of the entire screen of your laptop in a clipboard, which you can easily paste on Paint, Microsoft Word, or also on any other program that you want, but just on the program that displays an image. 
  • This button on a few laptops might be needing assistance from the Function key, which is labeled as ‘Fn’. So, on such computers, you have to Press Fn+PrtScn to take a screenshot.

3. Capture a screenshot of the active window using Alt+PrtScn

  • By using this option you can copy only the active window — the screen that you’re using to work on — to the clipboard, which after that you can paste into another program.
  • When you need to take a screenshot on Windows 7 or Windows 10 laptop then for this you have to use the button of PrtScn with the ‘Alt’ key.

4. Windows key+Shift+S, to take a screenshot of a specific portion

  • If you want to capture a specific portion, then you have to press these three keys – Windows + Shift+S –press together all these keys.
  • When you do this, it will dim the screen, just open the Snip and also the Sketch tool, and after that, you have to change the mouse pointer to drag.
  • Now you will select the portion which you want to capture.
  • As you select the portion the screenshot will be copied to the clipboard rightly, which you can after correctly paste on any other program that must support an image.
  • There might be offered a host of options through this option, within a few basic editing requirements, for Windows 11 laptop/ PC users.

5. Directly save the screenshot on PC using Windows key+PrtScn

  • You can also use the Windows key+PrtScn shortcut command on a Windows laptop if you want to save screenshots as an image file instead of copying the screenshot to the clipboard.
  • As you will Press the keys then it will take a screenshot of the full screen and then store this screenshot in the “Pictures” folder, in another subfolder that is called “Screenshots”

6. Windows key+G

A key+G option is a special option for gamers who want to take a screenshot on a Windows laptop correctly.

  • While you are playing the game, then you have to press the two keys: Windows and G, together for a game overlay.
  • Now you have to click on the icon of the camera or you will press the Windows key + Alt + PrtScn keys to take a screenshot.
  • The screenshot that you have taken with keys will be saved safely within the “Videos” folder in a subfolder that is called ‘Captures.’
  • If you are playing games on steam then you can press F11 to take a screenshot, and then you can access the screenshot from the Steam folder.


However, in your regular workday and classes, you have to need to take screenshots, but most people who used laptops are confused, about how to take screenshots on the laptop. So, if you are also one of them then after reading out this article completely you can easily take your required screenshots even with different windows. You can select one of the easy methods from above and can take your screenshots.

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